Information Security: 5 Ways to Make Your Practice Less Hackable

Presented by Jonathan Stanley

In the first six years of tracking health record breaches, the U.S. federal government reported 135 million individuals had their health records exposed. Moral of the story? Unless you make security a priority, you and your practice will be breached.

In this webinar, Vanguard Communications’ Technical Director Jonathan Stanley discusses the importance of medical security, both online and off. Even if a practice does not have a website, it could be at risk for hackers and information breaches. Learn how to protect your patients’ privacy and establish a secure, trustworthy practice.

Part 1: What is protected health information?

Part 2: Limiting your risk of PHI breaches

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About the speaker

Jonathan Stanley

Jonathan Stanley attended the University of Texas at Austin. He has a wide array of experience in web development and has won several awards for his work online, including the Golden Web Award.

Jonathan has been the leader of online security efforts at Vanguard Communications and has helped keep the company at the forefront of Internet technology. He has invaluable knowledge when it comes to keeping medical practices safe online and offline.